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A message from the author:

“Of all the things I have learned in life so far, nothing is more poignant than the idea that on a daily basis, we are either living in peace or turmoil. The only real path to peace is through God, who gave us His only only Son, the Prince of Peace. Peace is the manifest presence of God, and we can abide in His peace on a daily basis.

“So many people live their life like they are in a constant state of emergency—literally living from one panic, frantic, drama to another. We cannot always control what circumstance presents itself to us, but I’ve learned we can certainly control how we will face that circumstance.

“I wish I could write a book telling you three simple steps to ensure you will never receive news or circumstances where panic and frantic are no longer a temptation. We know that is not possible in this life. However, I can take you to a place where you can find peace no matter what comes against you. The truths in this book will help bring you to a place where the peace of God reigns supreme in your life. God’s love and grace is truly designed to stand up against any and every challenge.”



Who said this is a man’s world?
Certainly not God.

God loves women and loves to empower His daughters to live happy, successful lives. In fact, God describes His idea of a powerful woman in Proverbs 31.

Author Scarlett Horton admits that initially she considered the “virtuous woman” of Proverbs 31 an outdated cliche, out of touch with today’s woman in almost every way. Then God caused her to see this woman as never before. Through this book, Scarlett escorts women on a verse-by-verse journey of Proverbs 31 to discover how we are made in Christ to be strong, wealthy, physically healthy and generous towards others.


This powerful tool is can be used in a group setting, but is also recommended for individual use. Let the Holy Spirit break open the Word through this study to reveal God’s profound love for you and His intense desire to empower you as His daughter. It is time to step into the beauty of who Christ has made you—full of His strength and character to impact the world around you.


BOOK ONLY $15.00


Why Every Believer Can Do the Works of Christ

Have you ever had a desire to be a more effective witness for Christ, only to be told that you perhaps were not ready, not mature enough or spiritual enough?

Maybe you’ve believed that God only uses special vessels that He alone chooses. Maybe you just don’t feel you’re informed, trained or qualified enough to really be used of God in touching the lives of others.

In Empowerment: Why Every Believer Can Do the Works of Christ, author David Horton explains in easy-to-understand terms how you can be an effective witness, no matter how long you have been a believer. Unmasking traditional erroneous thinking that has held so many back from being bold in their faith, Empowerment takes the reader on a journey of confidence building truth that emboldens, equips and empowers. By the end of the final chapter, you can start experiencing the same kind of ministry results that early believers in the book of Acts realized. This book will challenge you to do more for God, establish purpose for your Christianity, and help to fill the “hole in your soul.”


Christ’s Mission for the Church

There has always been only one purpose for Jesus and Christianity, and that is to bring redemption to a lost and dying world. There is only one message for the world, and that is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Of course, the body of Christ needs to be trained, equipped, and instructed for the purpose of getting itself out there into the world and actually preaching the gospel.



In every kingdom, realm or sphere, there is always a #1 position, job or priority. This is the premier position, and there can only be one who fills this place. In the Kingdom of God there is a “Job #1.” The purpose of this book is to clearly identify the #1 job in God’s Kingdom. This book will do more than bless and inspire you, it has the potential of changing your whole perspective of Christian life and ministry.



There’s No Lack in God
It is amazing how much we miss of what is rightfully ours–simply because we do not understand that our heavenly Father has already provided everything we need. God made these plans and provisions for our lives because He loves us.

In Thank You for the Biscuits, Doc Horton tells about these provisions and explains how we can make them ours. He says that our heavenly Father, like an earthly father, has established simple steps that will help us receive everything we need in all areas of life. Having faith in God and His Word makes it possible for us to not suffer lack in our lives.


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